Brown(ブラウン Buraun)is a male bear who is a third main member of LINE friends. He is Cony's husband & a best friend of Moon's. Also, he is Choco's elder brother.


Brown is a brown bear. He has small, black eyes (just the same as Cony's) but he never shows his emotions through his face. Also, he has two tiny ears and a short tail.


Brown is silent, calm and quite shy but when he gets furious, he will punish his friends in a way even more frightening than Cony. Although he sometimes fights with Cony, he is still a caring and gentle spouse of hers.


See Brown/image gallery.


  • Brown is sometimes shown dating Jessica or Sally.
  • He is one of the four original characters.
  • Although he is a brown bear, Brown's mother is a white bear and his father is a black bear, since black and white makes brown in one way.
  • Brown is the only character to have a sibling also as a main character. In this case, the sibling is his sister, Choco.
  • In LINE TOWN,Brown's house is unknown.
  • In the manga series, Brown does have expressions, and he communicates by texting.
  • Brown's birthday is actually the exact date of Father's Day.

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