Choco(チョコ Choko) is a female bear who is a new member of LINE friends. She is Brown's younger sister.


Choco has a pair of small, black eyes, two tiny ears and a short tail like her brother Brown. but has a big, peach-coloured bow on top of her head and her skin colour is lighter than Brown. Usually, she wears different types of clothes everyday, although she usually wears a peach-coloured dress paired with a yellow bag with a pink heart-shaped button.


Unlike Brown, Choco has a passion of being a gossip girl and she is more sociable. Moreover, she is media-savvy and loves to show off by sharing her own selfies.


See Choco/image gallery.


  • Choco is the first girl to have a sibling as a main character.
  • She is the first female character to have clothes on her body.
  • Coincidently, both Choco and Cony's names start with the letter "C".
    • Although James and Jessica are likewise having the same letter as the first letter of their names, their genders are different.
  • Choco and her brother, Brown's names have a great matchup as "brown choco" because most chocolates are brown, which can be counted as a possible reason for the naming of her name.
  • Although Choco is one of the youngest characters, she is much bigger than the three of them.
  • Choco is the only female who possibly didn't appear in the animated series.
  • Choco is the first main character whose name is a made up one instead of normal names.
  • James and Choco share the same birthday, both on the 14th of February.
  • As In Diary of Pangyo, Choco speaks most that his brother.


Meet Brown’s little sister, CHOCO!

Meet Brown’s little sister, CHOCO!

Brown and his little fashionista sister, CHOCO @ home

Brown and his little fashionista sister, CHOCO @ home