Cony and Jessica: Girls Night Out is a pack of LINE stickers which only include Cony & Jessica.

main sticker

What're these stickers about

Cony and Jessica: Girls Night Out discloses Cony & Jessica's everyday-life as office-ladies, including romance, work and having fun. These stickers are suitable for girls as they indicate what they think. Also, they shows that even Cony & Jessica have different personalities, they are still are a pair of BFFs.

Description of the stickers

Girls love three things - romance, work, and partying till daybreak! This sticker set stars two very independent women who excel at all three. Let Cony and Jessica light up your chats with your girl friends!


See Cony and Jessica: Girls Night Out/image gallery.


  • Although these stickers are about Cony & Jessica, it has two Cony stickers included.

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