LINE Bubble 2
is the sequel of LINE Bubble. Unlike its prequel, it has a main story to start with.

About the game

Similar to LINE Bubble, this game also needs the players to clear bubbles in order to finish up a level each time. However, it become more difficult every time you're done with a level, meaning that you have to get pass more obstacles. Additionally, it's a lot like Candy Crush, which explains that it will hardly have an end.

Description of the game

LINE BUBBLE has released the Season 2 for its cool Bubble Popper Game! LINE BUBBLE 2 can be enjoyed by people of all ages, whenever and wherever!


One day, Cony's true love Brown, the adventurer, has disappeared after he sets off for a new adventure. Trying to search for him, Cony and her friend Leonard suddenly enter into a mysterious world and befriend a red dragon Nicole. Nonetheless, they have to fight different bosses and encounter challenges on the way. Furthermore Cony has been missing Brown for a long time. Will they be able to find Brown and rescue him?


Extra Information

  • Although Brown is now Cony's husband, this game still mention him as her boyfriend.

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