LINE Keep is a later-added funcition of LINE, which can be used as keeping conversation in LINE.


How to use

To keep a part/parts of the conservation, press the part for a period of time and choose the parts you want. Then you can save it.

To share a part of conversation to your friend, press the + button and choose the Keep button. Finally you can share it to your friend.

If you attempt to delete a file in Keep, you can follow this sequence: "Friend"-->"Personal Information"-->"Keep"-->the button at the right upper corner--> "Delete" -->chose the file you want to delete

Extra Information

  • It supports Supersonic & Bluetooth funcition by Friend Mode.
  • You can use QR Code to add a friend.
  • Andriod users can find conversation easily by sequence.
  • iPhone users can find stickers more easily by sliding them from left to right or up to down.

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