is a a multiplayer dollhouse simulation social network game created by LINE.

About the game

In the beginning of LINE Play, you will choose your avatar type (like human, boy and girl and animal) to create your own avatar. then you will start to create and build your own dollhouse with pets, accessories and furniture.

To earn gems, you can invite friends, visit your friend's house by helping them to do some chores and do your quests (found on the top of your home screen). The activities "sit", "bath", "sleep", and "eat" are done in your house and in other players' houses. They will pop up every once in a while.

Description of the game

Discover your own special place on LINE PLAY.

Create an avatar that looks just like you.

Decorate and dress up your avatar with amazing items. O ver 30 million new friends are waiting!

Let's hang out and party on LINE PLAY!

Simple login process with SNS accounts and become friends with the hottest global celebrities and characters!