Leonard is (レナード Renādo) a male frog who is a minor character among LINE friends. He is one of Sally's friends.


Leonard has a green body, chubby cheeks and large black eyes. His nose-holes are quite big.


Compare to Sally, Leonard is more childish, energetic and playful. He is also a romanticist who loves singing in the rain. But sometimes he can be over-sensitive and overreacts on small things. Even he likes being taken care by Cony, he is wary of her presence. In LINE TOWN he admires Moon and treats him as his older brother.


See Leonard/image gallery.


  • Leonard is one of the youngest characters, the others are Sally, Edward and Choco.
  • Although he is a frog, Leonard doesn't seem to grow from a tadpole.
  • Leonard didn't appear in LINE OFFLINE because he wasn't introduced in 2013.
  • Leonard was the only male character to be voiced by a woman in the original Japanese dub. In the Mandarin dub, he was voiced by a man.

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