Moon(ムーン Mūn)is a main characters of LINE friends. He has a crush on Jessica. Though he sometimes fights with James, he is still one of his best friend.


Moon is a anthropomorphic alien with a ball-shaped-head and he has a small nose and a pair of black oval eyes.

As in LINE OFFLINE, he wears a red tie, a white shirt and grey trousers.


Moon is a mess maker who always does some tricks on his friends when he is unsatisfied. Sometimes he is stubborn and capricious and this makes him come neck to neck with Cony. In LINE OFFLINE he is lazier while he shows his cunning side more often (mostly at votings and competitions) in LINE TOWN. He likes to watching porns.


See Moon/image gallery.


  • Moon's species was filled the lots of disputes, as he's a wear-less alien.
  • Moon is one of the most popular characters among LINE friends.
  • He is one of the four original characters.
  • In All about Brown - Ep.06, Moon and Jessica appear to be married, but in the reality their relationship is still unclear.
  • According to his sister, he is the Prince of the Moon.
  • In Chapter 50, Moon was killed in a bear attack, but in Chapter 51, Moon was revived when he told Disper that he might see a naked lady next, which resulted in Moon's banishment from the Realm of the Dead.
  • Moon actually has two sisters.