Pang-yo (パンヨ Panyo) is a male giant panda. He is Choco's boyfriend.


Like most giant pandas in reality, Pangyo has black and white fur. Nevertheless he mostly has a curious look on his face.


Pangyo is usually easygoing and likes being lazy. He is also friendly and playful. Moreover, he is a tech guy that knows everything based on tech and likes to take photos.

However, before he met Choco, he was too indulged into technology and had no interest on other stuff, which made him unintentionally hurt a girl who liked him.


See Pangyo/image gallery.


  • Conincidently, his name is same as a place in South Korea, Pangyo.
    • Despite that, his name is actually in Chinese.
  • He is the third bear in the franchise, the others are Brown and Choco, because giant panda is a kind of bear too.
  • He is only bear or panda that has expressions based on his Instagram.
  • Before being officially announced, Pangyo's appearance was spoiled in Choco's introduction video.
  • He is the only character who doesn't have a Facebook page.
  • He has his own short comic series Diary of Pangyo.
  • He once mistaken Brown as Choco's boyfriend, when he's actually Choco's brother.
  • Before Pangyo ever existed, LINE once has another unnamed panda character, who was forgotten immediately.
  • According to LINE, Pangyo was also known as the King of Inventions.
  • He is the only LINE Character who doesn't appear in games.
  • Pangyo has the least screen time out of all 11 characters.

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